A Concerto in Two Movements

I cannot help but feel the tremendous weight of the passage of time and am constantly thinking about how much more or how much less of it there is. This series looks at the fragility and impermanence of the natural world. It is about mortality and how things change. It is also about our relationship to the earth, the tenuousness of beauty, and the shift of the natural state of things.

This concerto was conceived as a musical meditation for the passage of time through one’s life. It is this connection to the earth and the sun that allows us to somehow survive the varied stages and changes in our existence.

These are cameraless images using the historical process of platinum palladium over hand marbled papers. Like the earth, these images are bound to the inherent ways of nature and photography, dependent on light, the passage of time, and the inexplicable existence of human trial and error.

No images may be used, reproduced, broadcast or retransmitted in electronic, print, or any other media without the express written consent of the owner/author.