The Japanese word shibui refers to a particular aesthetic of simple, subtle and unobtrusive beauty and it is the concept that reflects the spirit of this series, Shibui.  An object of art that employs these characteristics may at first appear to be simple, but upon closer inspection the subtle details and textures balance that simplicity with a rich complexity.

I create cameraless images using the processes of cyanotype and color gum bichromate as a way to physically interact with the natural world as an artist.  I cut the paper at various intersections which allows me to enter the conversation with the images in a very intimate way. My intention is to strip away as much as possible so that I am able to focus more on the elements of design and consider elements of nature in a different way.

I am influenced by the artists Moholy-Nagy, Man Ray, Mark Rothko and others who experimented with their art and the use of their materials. Like them I am interested in ideas of revolutionary art making and experimentation, while holding true to the spirit of abstraction.

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